A downloadable game for Windows

W,A,S,D = Move up/left/down/right
Left Mouse button = Shoot gun
Right Mouse button = Switch guns

Space = Open inventory

Left Stick = Move

Right Stick = move targeting cursor, (click down) return cursor to tank

Right Trigger= Fire

Left Shoulder Button = Switch Weapons

(X) On Xbox, open inventory.

The bar at the top is health. completely blue is full health, no blue is death.
The next bar is special red ammo, that is the stuff that your secondary weapon uses.
The little missile icons under the red bar (THAT ONLY APPEAR AFTER YOU ACQUIRE THE MISSILES) show how many missiles you have, they slowly regenerate.

Normal Gun MK I
Rapid fire
Red laser MK I
Continuous laser, uses red ammo
Homing Missiles MK I
Homes after enemies, They fire at the enemies nearest them.
Absorbent Laser MK I
Absorbs enemy bullets that are laser-based, takes "damage" from missiles, but destroys them anyway. does damage based on the projectiles absorbed.


Pierces enemies, then returns to you.

V 0.1.5 Changes textures, and adds a new enemy, and a new opening screen!

Install instructions

Just extract the .zip and play.


Energy Tank Acquired.zip 2 MB

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